At the beginning of this assignment I found it very hard on deciding the exact scene that I would be photographing and using to create a Photomontage. I had some idea of what worked well and looked good after doing some research. Looking at other artists and photographers work, I discovered both busy and simple screens seemed to work well, if edited correctly. I was told to look at the work by David Hockney and was inspired by his work. I decided I wanted to go the route of the more chaotic and busy scene. I took a trip to Hout Bay harbour to see if I could find a scene worth photographing for my Photomontage. I photographed a couple options, but for some reason I wasn’t satisfied with what I had captured. I decided to start over again and try something new.
I went back and had a look at David Hockney’s and other Photographer’s work and gained inspiration. I definitely had an Idea in my mind of what I wanted but did not know exactly what to photograph. One particular image stuck out in my mind. It was a street scene with very simplistic objects… cars, trees, buildings and streets. I loved the style of the image and how it was composed together. This was what I wanted to achieve with my Photomontage.
After looking all over the CBD I found a perfect scene that was right close to my flat. It was exactly what I was looking for and I spent a few days shooting the same scene and compiled a folder of just under 100 images of the street ally. I was very happy with the post edit and managed to achieve the desired effect I was going for.
I added a bit of my own flair by adding different symmetrical shapes in the montage. It was a case of trial and error and I would work with an image until I felt it looked perfect and fitted well in the scene.
All in all I was happy with my final outcome despite all the setbacks during the process. I definitely learnt from my mistakes and will know for future projects like this exactly what to do and what not to do.