In this brief we were asked to produce a series of 5 related images using an alternative printing process, printed with Fabriano paper instead of photographic paper.

Throughout this Alternative Printing project I have had many different ideas. I went through a trial and error period and nothing was working the way I wanted it to. At first I planned to explore the idea of landscapes, however I could not find common ground between them and they did not mold as I would have liked them to. Then I had a look at some fashion ideas but the same problem arose and so I decided to start from scratch. I had to change my idea so I went online and looked at some other alternative prints in the same processes we were working with. I felt that portraits where expressed really well in The Cyanotype prints.

I took a series of nudes using double and triple exposures and some movement shots with slow shutter speeds. I tried to piece the 5 images together so that they would work with each other. I researched some other artists that explored the human figure and definitely drew ideas and creativity from this research.
I explored the human figure and the way that light falls on skin. I found a model with very dark olive skin that was willing to pose nude. The crop of the series is very tight as this helps them work together as one. I wanted to explore the complexities of human form and how it fits into negative space, the light and colour of the alternative process produced and the combination of this was astonishing.
I was fortunate to find such a perfect candidate for this particular project, her striking classical features, olive skin and form was exactly the perfect mixture of what I needed for this to work. This assignment was one of the rare occasions where the image I had in mind was able to capture digitally.

The printing process was definitely a case of trial and error, I started with the Van Dyke Brown method and had everything planned. My paper was coated and ready for printing, however for some reason my images would disappear when developed. I tried many different things to correct this problem but nothing seemed to work. In the end I was advised to scrap everything and start over using the Cyanotype method. I am so glad I did because the results are very satisfying.

I am happy that I worked through so many different ideas because and the end the project came together. It was definitely a case of trial and error in this specific project but I am overjoyed by the outcome. I would love to explore more and find out why different things worked and other methods did not. This was definitely a learning curve and hopes to become more proficient the more I work using these processes.