Models: Patrick Visser, Sarah Hugo-Hamman, Eve Rakow, Shamon Cassette
Make-up: Gareth Coleman
Stylist: Lucio Lupacchini

Aidan Tobias recently shot the lookbook for a collaboration between Eve Rakow’s Haus of Frown and VGRNTNYC. VGRNTnyc is a NY-based clothing label headed up by Shamon Cassette (Cerebral Vortex). He is currently in Cape Town collaborating with local artists. Check out more from VGRNTNYC here, and find Haus of Frown and VGRNTNYC exclusively at the Neighbour Goods Market in Joburg.

VGRNTNYC is a New York City based hyper luxury brand with roots that web from Brooklyn to Los Angeles and South Africa to Japan. Its an outlet for travelers, philosophers, peace keepers, revolutionaries, weirdos, artisans and like minded connoisseurs who thrive to express themselves through a pallet of rare, high quality goods. A vagrant is defined as a traveler that finds no single place as a permanent domicile, yet the world is their playing field of choice. VGRNTNYC’s mission statement boasts ‘A meaningful approach to fashion’ underlying that each individual piece has been extensively thought out and engineered to express an identified movement in the arts. VGRNTNYC is wearable art.

HAUS OF FROWN is a Johannesburg based music, design and fashion label that thrives on collaboration, anti-beauty and finding different places within South African culture to speak from. Taking inspiration from street culture from KZN to JHB to CPT and fusing it with a love/fear of high fashion meets tumblr art the HAUS OF FROWN collections are young and unafraid.

‘The collaboration between the New York based VGRNTNYC and the local HAUS OF FROWN has been a sharing of ideas, ethos and above all a realization