Model: Viktoria Summer Leonardo

One day we might find our way back to each other. When you remember what it’s like to put yourself on the sidelines every now and then for someone who matters - that it’s not a sign of weakness to care. When I realise that there is so much more to life than running after people who don’t deserve me anyway. One day, when we’ve learned how much letting go hurts, especially if it’s someone you should have been holding on to. When we realise that the years of cutting away at our curves and edges were spent in vain, because no matter what we did, our flaws were always what made us who we are. One day, when we no longer feel the need to prove ourselves, maybe we will open our eyes in the morning and know we’re enough - that we’ve always been. When our hearts finally beat to the same rhythm, we’ll know it’s time. When you look at me and the world sighs in awe, and suddenly every love song and poem ever written is about you. Then I am hopeful that one day, we might just meet again and finally be right for each other.