“It was quite a cold afternoon here in Cape Town the day we shot and the models where getting goosebumps as it got colder and it didn’t help that they where fully nude. They ended up creating a cuddle pile with all the blankets and jackets once we had finished one of the shots to keep warm, it was really funny to witness and quite cute.” starts Capetown based photographer Aidan Tobias when telling about his shooting with Buck Whaléy & Qiniso Van Damme and continues to sum up. “I just loved the energy and the androgynous features they had. We expressed a few ideas around before we decided on the forest location. I think the series is quite raw and honest and shows the human form as it is with all its imperfections that make us beautiful. The couple was so comfortable with each other in front of the camera and it made the whole process effortless, we actually had quite a few laughs and giggles on set as I was directing them into all the different shots.”

The whole series is shot on 35mm, the colour images on a Portra 800 and the black and white ones on an
Ilford 125. Necklaces and bracelets are from Toni Olver Designs.