YOH! (Patrick Visser and Raees Saiet) and Puppy Club (Andie Reeves) got together to create a Summer 2013 range. All pieces are limited edition with a maximum of 3 per design. The range consists of shirts and beanies, with a ca$h dollar theme. Aidan Tobias shot the lookbook, with styling and direction by YOH! and Puppy Club.

The Summer range is on sale at the YOH! x Puppy Club Pop Up Shop going down at The Waiting Room tomorrow, as well as indivudual ranges by YOH! and Puppy Club, including never-before-seen t-shirts, shirts, beanies, bikinis and more – all limited editions. The event’s also launching Crayons, a collaborative new brand by Raees Saiet and Andie Reeves.

Here’s more info.
Models: Luke Bell Doman, Sarah Hugo-Hamann, Morgans Momm, AJ Williams, Raees Saiet, Patrick Visser